Jungle Beach Resort - Puerto Princesa, Palawan, 5300, Philippines

Birgit and Jürg Senn

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We left the country

We left our grown kids and our friends in November 2012. Looking for a new challenge.

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tried something new

we tried to make our passion to our profession. A resort according to our notions. Jürg is a passionate diver and Birgit a friend of different types of animals.


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and started a new life

So the Jungle Beach Resort was launched.

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Joe and Olesja have been staying with us and after a couple of months opened a guesthouse in the city to get some island experience first and see if they could imagine themselves living on Palawan, and ever since we’ve become close friends, needless to say they both love it here and decided to stay.

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Jurg has asked Joe and Olesja if they would also wanted to take care of the Resort because he wanted to explore more of the Philippines and enjoy some time off. He will be on and off at the Resort and in the meanwhile your friendly hosts will be Joe, Olesja & Via.

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Via speaks Tagalog & English

Olesja speaks English,German,French & Russian

Joe speaks French,English,German & Dutch

Our Philosophy

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Divers Paradise:

The coral reef directly in front of our beach is perfect for experienced and unexperienced divers. You can also see a lot simply when snorkeling. To keep the memory of your experience, we rent out underwater cameras. For experienced divers we offer trips with our boat.

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Part of our philosophy is to give you enough space to relax and just to enjoy the sound of the sea.

The large area makes it possible.


The Jungle is an area with plenty of wild animals. We all respect them and they respect us. Get to know them and make a new experience.

Look at our Jungle Beach Resort Flyer (German)

Our Paradise

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Jungle Beach Resort
km73 Highway-North, Binduyan
Puerto Princesa, Palawan, 5300, Philippines
Call: +63 9273931872


Dive into your Dreams

Welcome to the Jungle Beach Resort, the most beautiful place for snorkelers and animal lovers. Directly in front of our beach we have a coral reef with a broad variety of sea animals. We strive to make you feel comfortable and enjoy your vacation in privacy. Our large area makes it possible. In our Jungle you will also see multiple types of friendly land animals who are expecting you and can't wait to welcome you to the JUNGLE BEACH RESORT.